Can we work together

Would it be beneficial for your practice to have a FREE resource that can help your clients grow and prosper, together we can help your clients achieve rapid growth and sustainability for the long term by implementing the sales and marketing system into their business, I am looking to build strong relationships with a small number of forward thinking accountants that want to help their clients achieve all of their goals.

Can we work together?

I am sure as an accountant you provide an excellent service to your clients, but do you have the time or resource to work with them on their marketing and finance requirements.

All of your customers are at sometime in need of help, they need a trusted source they can turn to for advice in helping them on their journey, they already have you as their accountant but do you have the time and resource to help them grow their business in relation to the most important factor in all businesses

The Rhythmic Acquisition of customers

Marketing in 2020 is hard and there are many factors that have to be in place to achieve the growth a business owner strives for, that’s why they started a business in the first place not to struggle year on year and just pay the bills they want all the good things in life that they imagined being a business owner would bring, unfortunately for 60% of business owners this is far from the reality.

The Entrepreneurs Sales and Marketing System

This proven system when followed cracks the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers and works for all businesses allowing the business owner to achieve everything they dreamt off when they started out, unfortunately most people get stuck in the weeds and get bogged down in the day to day running of the business to the detriment of the most important thing Marketing


Would having a FREE resource within your accountancy practice be a great added value to your clients, they already trust you to offer them the right advice, their business would benefit by having access to marketing and finance solutions that are proven to work and by us working closely together we can add so much value to your customers which in turn would aid client retention, together we can implement systems and arrange finance as and when required to help them grow without you actually having to do anything other than work with me on the initial introduction.

More than ever businesses have to have a marketing process in place in order to grow and be successful, business owners will be turning to professionals for help like never before, let’s work together to provide everything they need to grow and prosper utilising your existing services and our proven marketing and finance strategies.

This will offer added value to them when they are deciding on an accountant for their business and set you apart from the rest.

Free Resource

What would it cost for you to be able to offer this type of invaluable solution in house, you would have to have someone with the knowledge and time to provide this vital service, I would estimate £60,000 plus in salaries alone and a another member of staff to worry about.

I am offering to work closely with you free of charge and add an amazing added value service to your clients, this really would be a fantastic service to offer which will achieve amazing results and they will be forever thankful to you for it.

What next?

Let’s have an informal discussion to see if we fit, we can discuss the benefits and explore the amazing opportunity we together can offer your clients that will take their business to a new level.


This is everything, our discovery call will enable you to get to know me and for me to ensure we can work together

I am only looking to work with a small number of accountants initially.

My new book will be launched soon and will be available FREE of charge to anyone that chooses to explore this opportunity

The Entrepreneurs Marketing System

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ISS Accountants

“I have worked with Paul for over 10 years and have introduced some of my clients for marketing and on many occasions finance solutions. Paul is extremely reliable and keeps me involved all of the time, he takes he’s time to fully understand the customers needs and quickly builds rapport and confidence with he’s clients, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any accountants looking to add a resource to their practice that would benefit their clients”

Ian Smith
ISS Accountants