The 4 types of entrepreneur

There are 4 types of entrepreneurship. So who really is an entrepreneur?

  • small businesses
  • scalable startups
  • large companies
  • social entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is all about managing risk, overcoming obstacles, managing energy and managing emotions. Difficult things are going to happen it’s how we react and handle these things that make us different.

Mental strength and a positive mindset achieve unbelievable results.

Why should I choose entrepreneurship?

What the entrepreneurship definition doesn’t tell you is that entrepreneurship is what people do to take their career and dreams into their hands and lead it in the direction they want. 

It’s about building a life on your own terms. No bosses. No restricting schedules. And no one holding you back. Entrepreneurs are able to take the first step into making the world a better place – for everyone in it, including themselves.