Are we all sick of being down with lockdown?

It’s 2021, but mentally, many of us have been thrust back to March last year when the PM announced that first lockdown. And here we are again, over ten months later, in a similar place.

Too many people out there are not thinking clearly enough or accurately enough—particularly about their businesses.


Yes, it’s all of those things. I’m not diminishing that. It’s affected us all in so many ways. But it doesn’t have to be the death knell or the diminishing of your business or your profits.

We can do things to promote our businesses, a lot of which is FREE to do, taking some kind of action and communicating with people really makes you feel a lot better, I find doing nothing just drives me crazy!

Nigel Botterill who I work with from Entrepreneurs Circle has released this document which is well worth reading. It makes you think about how you can take action during this tough time.

We can’t control the virus, but we have complete control over how we react to it!!!


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