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Providing small and medium sized businesses with the proven system to achieving the rhythmic acquisition of customers and to provide funding solutions when required to ensure growth and sustainability in the long term.

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How I can help

There is a reason why 60% of business owners never achieve their full potential, marketing today is complexed, and you must be better than your competitors.

The Entrepreneurs Marketing system when integrated into your business will be game changing, you will be fully equipped to reach all your goals and to achieve the lifestyle you dreamt off when starting out.

I will personally take you through each step and help you to implement the proven methods that will ensure your business reaches its full potential, this will be a fun journey that will achieve amazing results.

Together we will make a difference

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The Importance of Having a Niche

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    Paul Coulson

    About Me

    I have a passion for business, having been a business owner myself for the past 15 years I understand just how tough and lonely being a business owner can be, I have had lows and highs and much prefer the highs.

    I now spend my time helping other business owners to achieve their potential, together with my marketing associates we provide a proven system that achieves the rhythmic acquisition of customers something that would have been a game changer a few years ago had I had access to this system, I also have access to a panel of lenders to assist in providing finance solutions as and when required.

    I believe we all need access to resources and different skill sets to help us develop, I provide an outside resource that can help in many aspects of the day to day running of a business and someone you can turn to for ideas, someone who is not emotionally attached to the business giving honest opinions and making you accountable for the actions that are needed for the success of the business.

    SVC Solutions

    SVC Solutions have been established for many years and have grown consistently year on year, they supply recruitment and training services to local businesses, I have worked with the directors over the last 2 years to assist in the marketing, after an initial consultation we began to implement small steps to achieve the goal of attracting and keeping customers for the long term, the staff were trained in new methods of communication and an automated system was used to communicate with potential clients. The result was a steady flow of lead conversion resulting in improved profits for the business and a sustainable on-going marketing system.

    “ Paul has been a valuable resource to our business, he gives an honest opinion ,we needed someone who wasn’t working in the business but someone looking in who could offer advice and ideas, our marketing has improved a great deal and we are seeing the results of at times some basic changes that were not obvious to us”

    “I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul if you are looking for an outside resource to help your business grow”

    Amanda Simpson

    SVC Solutions